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Parking is available at Garrettsville Village Park, SR 700 Hiram Township, Mantua Village Park and off of Mill St., behind McDonald’s on SR 44 in Mantua.

  • 4633 Mill St. Mantua McDonald’s Trailhead
  • 10480 ST RT 700 Trailhead Hiram Twp
  • 10647 Freedom St. Garrettsville Village and Hiram Twp
  • 10482 South St. Garrettsville Village


• Multiple trailheads and parking areas
• Information kiosks
• Picnic tables and benches
• Multipurpose limestone trail
• Part of the Buckeye Trail

History and Resources

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This eight-mile limestone-paved trail built on the former Cleveland-Mahoning Railroad line between Mantua and Garrettsville provides a safe and scenic route for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. It passes by beautiful farmland and forests, steep ravines and wetlands, including State Nature Preserves, and the Upper Cuyahoga State Scenic River.

Named Headwaters Trail because of the area’s extensive wetlands, springs and headwaters streams, the trail also crosses a continental watershed divide—between the Mahoning River Watershed that drains to the Ohio River then Mississippi River and into the gulf of Mexico, and the Cuyahoga River Watershed, draining to Lake Erie then out to the North Atlantic.

Portions of the Headwaters Trail have been designated as part of the Buckeye Trail system that circles the State of Ohio. Camp Asbury is also on the Buckeye Trail and adjacent to the Headwaters Trail. The railroad operated as a passenger and freightline from Youngstown to Cleveland until the mid 1970s. Much of the line is now out of service, and in private ownership. The SR 700 trailhead is the site of the former Jeddoe Station, and historic stories of the railroad include a train robbery and great escape in Garrettsville, and a tragic boiler accident.

Trail development was made possible thanks to a variety of individual donations, local non-profits, state and federal grants and through the cooperation of the ODOT and AMATS.

Rules Summary

• No motor vehicles
• Horses only on trail shoulder and only outside Village limits
• No alcohol or other intoxicants
• Pets must be leashed; please pick up after your pet
• Stay on trails
• Pass on the left, and signal before passing

Park Activities



Hiking, Walking, Running

Cross-country Skiing

Nature & Historic Appreciation


Horseback Riding
(on trail shoulder, outside of Village limits)