Green Portage

Green Portage is a monthly column presented by the Portage Park District Foundation and hosted by the Record Courier on its Opinion page. Each month brings a new perspective on Portage County nature, parks, trails, conservation and the benefits that Portage Parks can bring. See our archive below.
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Volunteering – Infinite opportunities and ways to help, Author, Erica Eckert Download

Working to be plastic free, Author: Kurt Ruehr Download

Lessons to learn in the parks, Author: Nick Morris Download

Ten Miles of History, Author: Emliss Ricks Download

Celebrating 50 years of Ohio’s Scenic Rivers, Author: Matthew Smith Download

Cycling in Portage County, Author: Tom Hrdy Download


Kurt Ruehr The Formative Years 5-2010 Chris Craycroft Welcome to Green Portage 6-22-2010 Diane Stresing Family Fun on Trails 7-12-2010 Matt Sorrick Making the Most of Nature 8-9-2010 Richard O’Toole Every Walk in the Park is Different 9-13-2010 Lynn Gregor School Gardens 10-17-2010 Chris Carman Students Up A Creek 10-20-2010 Eddie Dengg Morgan Preserve 11-16-2010 Kurt Ruehr Exploring the Cuyahoga 11-16-2010 Charles Frederick Parks and Communities 12-8-2010 Rev William Graham Conserving God’s Creation 1-24-2011 Allan Orashan Cultural Heritage at Towner’s Woods1-25-2011 Todd Peetz Parks Add Economic Value 2-23-2011 Krista-Beniston Regional Bike Plans 3-5-2011 Chris Craycroft Local Food Systems 3-21-2011 Emliss Ricks Signs of Spring 4-20-2011 Terry Seidel TNC the Lakes of Portage County 6-13-2011 Matt Sorrick Questing with Kids 7-13-2011 Dr Angela DeJulius Take a Hike for Health 9-14-2011 NathanPaul Beckwith Joys of the Orchard 10-17-2011 Helen Gregory Be a Friend of Portage Parks12-19-2011 Emliss Ricks Glacial Geology of Portage 3-20-2012 Nathan Goodell 7th Generation Sustainable Farm 4-16-2012 Richard Rick Hawksley May is Bike Month 5-3-2012 Helen Gregory Backyard Wildlife 6-26-2012 Kelly Ferry Farmers Markets 7-17-2012 Michael Slyker Daybreak Lavender 8-8-2012 Helen Gregory Sand Hill Stable 9-21-2012 Emliss Ricks Hiram Field Station 11-14-2012 Helen Gregory Conservation Easements 12-21-12 Matt Herbruck Eat Locally 1-18-2013 Edith Chase 2-21-2013 Drinking Water Tom Franek Green Jobs Training 3-27-2013 Amy Gigniac Organic Farming 4-19-2013