New Parks Commissioner Thomas Hrdy

Thomas Hrdy Appointed Park District Commissioner

The Portage Park District welcomes its newest Board member. Portage County Probate Court Judge Robert Berger recently appointed Thomas (Tom) Hrdy to the Portage Park District Board of Commissioners to serve a three year term effective April 20th.  Mr. Hrdy, a recently retired Portage County Department of Job & Family Services employee & licensed social worker spends his time in a private practice that provides services to defense based legal teams in Summit, Portage & surrounding counties.  Tom enjoys gardening, bee keeping, hiking and is an avid outdoorsman.  He is currently working on his doctorate at Kent State University in Justice Studies & Public Policy.

“Today more than ever our parks serve a purpose to enrich, enlighten, and empower us in this hectic electronic world we live in.  Take a moment to ponder and respect the beauty and wonderment that the outdoors and parks offer us and our need to keep the commitment to them, so that they are in a pristine condition for the generations that follow us.”