Portage Parks Comprehensive Strategic Master Plan

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Portage County’s vision for the future of Portage Parks

The Portage Park District is in the final stages of our Comprehensive Strategic Parks Master Plan project to improve our park system throughout Portage County over the next 10 years. Working with our planning consultant, Brandstetter Carroll Inc., the Master Plan look holistically at park and program needs and opportunities across the county to consider what we and our partners already have and what is needed. We’ve used all of the community input that we have received from surveys, meetings, emails, calls and social media posts to inform and mold our Plan to cover many projects and improvements for the next 10 years.

See the Master Plan Executive Summary Here

See the Master Plan Here

If you have any questions, concerns, or input regarding the Master Plan, please contact us at:  admin@portageparkdistrict.org or 330-297-7728