Invest Your Affiliate Commissions In Preserving Our Parks

As you might know by now, Portage Park District works hard at preserving important natural areas as well as creating new parks and trails for the use and enjoyment of the public. Our goal is to accomplish all this while improving the economy in the area. This is why we have created the Master Plan Project and carefully established the exact use of the levy funds over the next decade.

Since it is a project meant for the public, it has included the public input in determining the needs for parks and trails. The public is also encouraged to comment upon the draft and even bring their contribution, either financial or creative to further improve the plan.

Affiliate Marketing & Park Development

Affiliate marketing is a fast-growing marketing field that has developed and expanded rapidly over the course of the last 10 years. Accordingly, more and more people have joined it for the financial gain as well as the chance to improve their networks of contacts and skills in the world of business. While you might not be able to see a direct connection between affiliate marketing programs and park and trail projects, there is an important one: money. Money is needed to support and built new parks, trials, and recreational programs out in the nature, and affiliate commissions reaching nice figures could help achieve this.

Sponsor Your Local Park With Affiliate Commissions

Besides displaying an eco-friendly and protectionist behavior in and around parks, trail, and green areas in general, you can bring an even greater contribution: sponsor the building of new parks. Don't have any money to spare on social or environmental projects? Why not join the worldwide famous and successful team and become one of their top affiliates?

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Show Your Car For Our Parks

While fixed budget plans for the local parks and trails do exist, a little extra money will always be welcomed and the public is encouraged to contribute with smart ideas or sponsoring money. If your affiliate commissions have already started to skyrocket, you could invest a part of it into the green areas in town.