How to walk your way to a successful Affiliation

Hiking TrailWalking, Biking, Nature, wildlife, Nature trails… Places like Portage Parks that have over 14 miles of hike and bike trails are connecting communities and keeping the community out doors. They do an amazing job at conserving historic sites, this aids also in preserving natural outdoor areas, helps protect water quality and wildlife habitats. These types of attractions are becoming scarcer with the urban jungles taking over. Preservation of such places needs to become a priority, however with very little funding it is difficult to keep them at their full capacity.

How to solve the financial funding issue?

There are many ways to raise funds, a very easy option is to become an affiliated partner or join an affiliate program online with a company; by helping them generate more foot traffic into their site, it helps the parks keep foot traffic flowing on their trails. Not many sites can offer you the opportunity to become an Affiliate partnership, but is an exception to the rule.

Who are Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes Partners are the leading household name for superior gaming and betting; with over 14,000 employees, 2,800 land based shops, and; 13 tailored websites. They are available in over 20 different languages and deal with a diverse range of products for international and regulated markets. Gaming and betting has taken a whole new approach. It is available on desktop and mobile, so you can easily access all that they offer from anywhere in the world. Ladbrokes Partners is utilising many social media platforms; such as twitter, facebook and youtube, so the word on everyone’s lips is Ladbrokes.

Joining their online Affiliate Program:

Take a look at the site and decide which of their products you would be willing to advertise. Ladbrokes Partners offer a variety of sports betting, casino, gaming, poker, live casino, slots, lottos, exchange and more. There is something for everyone.  No previous experience in marketing or advertising is needed. All that you need is passion for one of the products and having the ability to share your passion. Register as an affiliated person, the process is quick and easy and everything is done online. Fill out the registration form with all required fields and a Ladbrokes team member will review your application and send you a confirmation within 3 working days. Do not forget to read and accept the Terms and Conditions!  Ladbrokes Partners always reviews each and every applicant before accepting. They reserve the right to deny participation at their own discretion. Ladbrokes Partners has a number of Affiliates they deal with, some up and coming companies and some veteran ones. Visit  to see how their affiliation has been a mutual benefit. Often business transactions are a one sided advantage, the saying "you scratch my back I scratch yours" has never been truer!

So as you can see, joining this affiliated program should be the number one priority, by uplifting each other and coming together and sharing, all parties achieve more and thus the opportunity to get more is created.