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Portage Park District Office

Portage Park District
705 Oakwood Street, Suite G-4
Ravenna, Ohio 44266
The office is located in the lower level, down the hall from the Portage County Senior Center

Phone: (330) 297-7728

General Email Address:

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm
Please feel free to request an appointment outside normal office hours via voicemail or email.

Key Park District Contacts:

Executive Director:

Christine Craycroft
(330) 388-5460 mobile

Operations Manager:

Craig Alderman
(330) 388-5461 mobile

Chief Ranger:

Doug Shepard
(330) 297-7728 office

Natural Areas Steward:

Bob Lange
(330) 808-0758 mobile

Public Engagement Coordinator:

Andrea S. Metzler
(330) 388-7096 mobile

Administrative Assistant:

Rory Locke
(330) 297-7728 Office, (330) 808-0496 office mobile

Park Commissioners:

Charles Engelhart- President

Allan Orashan – 1st Vice President

Thomas Hrdy – 2nd Vice President

Scott McKinney

Contact Commissioners at:


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