Our mission is to conserve Portage County’s natural heritage.

Who We Are

The Portage Park District is an independent political subdivision of the State of Ohio formed in 1991 with its jurisdiction covering all of Portage County.  Although it is independent of County government, the Park District utilizes the services of the Portage County Auditor, Treasurer and Prosecutor, and has received some financial support from the Portage County General Fund upon the discretion of the Portage County Commissioners. It is governed by an unpaid, three to five-member Board of Park Commissioners appointed by Portage County Probate Judge according to Ohio Revised Code Section 1545.

2015 Portage Park District Strategic Plan Download

Park Planning   

Park District Goals



Conserving historic sites and natural areas to protect water quality, scenic landscapes, wildlife habitat and the many benefits nature provides.



Providing nature education and outdoor recreation programs for all ages.



Creating public parks and trails across Portage County for healthy recreation in a natural setting, all year long.


Community Partnerships

Working with public and private organizations, donors and volunteers to efficiently create and manage your county parks.


The Portage Park District has received over $9 million worth of grants and donations over the past 15 years. Starting in 2015, the majority of its operations and improvement funds come from a ½ mill property tax that voters approved in 2014 which generates $1.6 million/year for 10 years. In addition to the tax levy, grants and donations, other sources of funding include Local Government Funds from the State of Ohio, rentals and royalties.

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